Lowara DLG Series sewage grounder Pump(submersible)

Submersible pumps with open impeller with grinder assembly forpumping sewage, liquids, wastewater in general and industrialsludge, draining of flooded excavations.



Delivery: up to 15 m3/h

Head: up to 52 m

Maximum temperature of liquid:40°C

Maximum immersion depth: 20 m

Solids handling: 6 mm

Delivery flange: DN 50

Power supply: three-phase andsingle-phase 50 Hz

Motor power: up to 5,1 kW

Cable length: 10 m

Insulation class: H (180°C)

Protection: IP68



Motor housing, oil chamberseals, pump body: Cast-iron

Impeller (open with grinderassembly): Cast iron

Grinder: Tempered stainless steel

Shaft: Stainless steel

Mechanical seal (dual)

Motor side: Ceramic/carbon,

Pump side:Silicon-carbide/silicon-carbide

Gasket: Nitrile rubber, neoprene


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